What is the allure of hardwood flooring?

What is the allure of hardwood flooring?

Many things factor into the love of these floors. Wood flooring has a natural beauty that adds charm and warmth to any space; they also come with countless benefits, making them much sought after!

A style for any decor

You'll have many species from which to choose, all with their grain pattern. You'll see oak, birch, maple, acacia, hickory, and walnut in our showroom alone.

You'll find various colors, planks, and strips. In addition, the wide assortment of stains makes it easy to customize your style further.

Hardwood floors are ultra-durable. That means they'll always hold up well and look great.

Long-lasting beauty

Like a fine wine, solid hardwood flooring looks better with age. These floors have been known to last 100 years.
Unless there’s structural damage, sanding and refinishing will bring the floors back to luster.

That means little or no replacement costs!

Real estate value-adding

At least 70% to 80% of the initial cost is reflected in an increase in your home values. For example, potential buyers often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood floors if you're planning to sell.

Elegance & low maintenance

Solid wood flooring can be damaged by excess water and moisture, so wipe spills as soon as they happen. When you clean and polish, be sure the floor is wiped dry.

Dust mop every day. The dust and dirt will get into the grain, embed, and scratch if you don't remove it.

Vacuum weekly to catch whatever you may have missed. Use strategies, such as mats or protective furniture pads.

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